Mentalist Peter Burnside

* Magician of the Year in Finland 2014
* Dunninger memorial Award 2019

Peter Burnside (aka. Pete Poskiparta) is the number-one mentalist in Finland. In his home country he's well known for his numerous TV-performances, radio shows and several performances at international corporate events and theatres. He's also been rewarded many times for his excellent work as a performing artist. In addition to Finland, he has also performed in the US (Las Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C, Chicago, New York), Spain, Estonia, Germany, England, Israel, Croatia, Czech Republic and Sweden.

Peter Burnside has performed as a professional for over 20 years, first as a magician and later as a mentalist. He has also written a many books like (IHMEITÄ- Miracles, published in 2010, Arjen Mentalisti - An everyday Mentalist 2017 and MUISTI - Memory 2021 ).

Peter Burnside is one of the most sought-after performers for corporate events in Finland. As a performer, he is charismatic and he really knows how to captivate his audience, whether big or small, domestic or international. The Peter Burnside Show is a unique experience which will amaze you every time!

Here's an authentic comment by a satisfied customers:

"Your performance at the Finlandia Foundation meeting was very skillful and intriguing - the way you read our minds was absolutely amazing. Your reputation as the best magician and mentalist in Finland is well deserved and I certainly have not seen a better performance anywhere in the world."

Pirjo Tuomi President, Finlandia Foundation Boston Chapter

"Peter Burnside is witty, entertaining and a very clever mentalist. He was a great addition to our line up for this years convention"

Robert Allen, Las Vegas - MindVention 2011

And here's a comment from my colleague

"Your show was wonderful and your stage presence top notch!"
Richard Osterlind, World-renowned mentalist

The happy customers of Peter Burnside include such international giants as Microsoft, Shell, Pepsi, Volvo, Toyota, Kone, Nokia, Metso, ABB, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Nordea, Ernst &Young, as well as a number of other big and small companies. Would you like to join the club?

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