Mentalist Peter Burnside

Mentalist Peter Burnside. Photo by Daniel Lehtovirta

Peter Burnside (aka. Pete Poskiparta) is the number-one mentalist in Finland. In his home country he's well known for his numerous TV-performances, his own TV- and radio show and several performances at international corporate events. He's also been rewarded many times in Finland for his excellent work as a performing artist. In addition to Finland, he has also performed in the US (Las Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C), Spain, Estonia and Sweden.

Peter Burnside has performed as a professional for over 12 years, first as a magician and later as a mentalist. He has also written a book called IHMEITÄ- Miracles, published in 2010. His own TV-show was released on DVD in 2005.

Peter Burnside is one of the most sought-after performers for corporate events in Finland. As a performer, he is charismatic and he really knows how to captivate his audience, whether big or small, domestic or international. The Peter Burnside Show is a unique experience which will amaze you every time!

Photo by Zeree Shielke 2011

Here's an authentic comment by a satisfied customer:

"Your performance at the Finlandia Foundation meeting was very skillful and intriguing - the way you read our minds was absolutely amazing. Your reputation as the best magician and mentalist in Finland is well deserved and I certainly have not seen a better performance anywhere in the world."

Pirjo Tuomi President, Finlandia Foundation Boston Chapter

"Peter Burnside is witty, entertaining and a very clever mentalist. He was a great addition to our line up for this years convention"

Robert Allen, Las Vegas - MindVention 2011

 And here´s comment by my colleague:

"Your show was wonderful and your stage presence top notch!"

Richard Osterlind, World-renowned mentalist

The happy customers of Peter Burnside include such international giants as Microsoft, Shell, Pepsi, Volvo, Toyota, Kone, Nokia, Metso, ABB, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Nordea, Ernst &Young, as well as a number of other big and small companies. Would you like to join the club?

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